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Why Hiring a Roof Raking Service is a Sound Investment


While icicles and snow make winters in the Minneapolis area the most stunning sight to behold, they can also pose a risk to your safety and the structural integrity of your home and roof. Roof raking is a service that can prevent injuries and damage to your home. If you’ve been considering hiring a roof raking service, here’s why you should give us a call to schedule a quote today:


Don’t Skip Your Winter Sidewalk Care


Winter in our parts should not be taken lightly. From icicles to blizzards, winter is a formidable part of living in the Minneapolis area. Yet it’s impossible to deny the beauty of our winter wonderland. If you’re trying to prioritize how to handle your winter maintenance, we want to urge you to not skip some simple steps that make your sidewalk and walkways winter-safe. To keep the wonderland in your winter, be sure to make your sidewalk slip-proof with salts and shoveling.